In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can...

MV Academy opened its doors in September 2016 with a handful of classes on a Saturday morning, we’ve continued to grow and evolve over the years - so much so that we now help to train and mentor over 200 pupils in Richmond and the surrounding areas. Our first performance as an Academy took place at the Indigo O2 in December of 2016, we continued to offer our students as many performance opportunities as we possibly could - from full scale musicals and dance shows to local platforms such as Richdance and Ignite Dance. 



We believe that with positivity, dedication and the right coaching all children are capable of achieving outstanding results in Performing Arts. We encourage a growth mindset, that with the right practise and training - all goals are within your reach. Students are taught that daily incremental improvements add up to become extremely impressive results over time. We encourage big dreams, but celebrate every little win on the journey. 


In 2018 we had a pupil secure their first professional West End Job, a very proud moment for MV that demonstrated just how far our students could go - we are very pleased that since then several more of our students have managed to follow a similar path. However, we also help students who train with us to improve their confidence, or form another strong friendship group away from school, or stay psychically fit and healthy.



Our principal Hannah does a large amount of work with schools and is passionate that high quality performing arts training can benefit every child - wether they’re on their path to the West End or to a career in medicine. The confidence, courage, sense of responsibility, self discipline and new friendships will enhance the life of every MV pupil - regardless of how far they decide to take their performing journey.