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Joining the MV Academy

Everything you need to know about joining MV...

Register/Sign up for a trial


To register with us please create an account here

You will need to create an account for your child, this will allow you to see all suitable lessons for them under 'register for a class' there will be a link under suitable classes saying 'book a trial' in purple text.

If a class is fully booked it will show you online. We cannot offer your child a space in a fully booked class for health and safety reasons and to ensure that all students receive a fair level of attention and tuition.

Term dates can all be found here

Whilst we do welcome trials during term time, the best time to trial a class is at the end of a term ready for the start of the following term. 


MV Uniform 


The full MV uniform is available from Dansez and we strongly encourage students to wear this to class. Students may choose a crop with shorts/leggings or the leotard. The jackets are an optional extra. 

Our full kit is available by emailing dansez - their email is - just tell them you are from MV Academy and they will set an account up for you!


Please label all of your MV uniform carefully. Students frequently change at shows/competitions or take their jackets off in class. If they are not labelled, we really struggle to help you find lost or mistakenly taken items. 


A white MV T-shirt is required for showcase performances, it can also be worn to class when your full kit is being washed; 


T- shirt available here;




For ballet- pink ballet shoes. For all other styles barefoot or ‘foot undies/foot thongs’ available here; 


Ballet shoes


Foot undies

Competition teams require foot undies and usually perform in them too. 

If you'd prefer to try on dance shoes before you buy them or would like fitting advice, we recommend visiting the ballet boutique in Wimbledon 



Shows and Performances with MV


MV Academy loves to provide our students with opportunities to perform!


Showcases – these are informal and involve students presenting to parents in their uniform/MV T-shirt. Parents do not need to purchase costumes or pay chaperone fees for these sharing performances. 




Our full scale shows happen approximately once a year or every 18 months. Parents will be required to purchase a costume(s) on behalf of their child and make a contribution towards extra rehearsal fees and the chaperoning of their children backstage. If your child takes part in a musical and wears a radio microphone, there is also a small charge to cover the cost of this. (The children love how professional it makes them feel!) 




MV Academy frequently organises theatre trips for our students. We receive tickets with a fantastic schools discount. These are open to all students age 7+ (School year 3 and above) to experience the magic of theatre with us. 



Competition teams


The spots are auditioned for and admission is at the decision of our principal. A student must be extremely committed to dance/performing and their parents fully on board to support their child. Weekly attendance is extremely important and students with poor attendance will be asked to leave the team.


We usually compete as a group twice per term, with optional additional opportunities for soloists to compete more regularly. Competitions are usually within 1 hours drive of East Sheen, but we do occasionally head a little bit further (Essex/Milton Keynes) parents must be happy to accompany their child to competition or organise for another parent to chaperone their student for the day. 

Ballet Examinations with the RAD

Ballet students may be invited to take their examinations with us, they must be dedicated students with excellent attendance to be considered for this. Students taking their exam will require extra exam coaching which parents must be happy to pay for. We have an excellent history of 100% pass rate and Merit/Distinction grades. 

Parents in Class

We do not permit parents to stay in the studio during class (unless it is advertised as a student + parent class) 

This is for several reasons - including the safeguarding of all our students by only allowing DBS checked adults into the room. But also because your child is very unlikely to join in to the best of their ability or get a sense of the class experience with a parent in the room. 

We do occasionally run watching weeks for parents to see our classes.

Safety and Safeguarding

All MV teachers are DBS checked and carefully selected for their expertise in Dance. Our principal specialised in Dance science during her degree and knows how to keep young dancers safe in their training whilst also achieving impressive results.

Students must follow instructions of the teachers in all classes. Parents who drop their child off late to class are putting their young dancers at risk of injury by allowing them to miss the warm up portion of class. Please be on time.

We ask that parents take their child to the toilet before class begins if they are aged 7 or younger. If your child needs the bathroom during class an assistant will accompany them but will not enter the cubicle. 

We must be made aware of all medical conditions and medications must be handed directly to the teacher at the beginning of class. 

MV Academy has a zero tolerance for bullying and unkindness from students. Any incidents will be taken seriously and dealt with by Hannah. We are proud that our students behave in a professional, kind and considered way. 

Collection/drop off - students in secondary school and above may arrive/leave the studio by themselves - as long as parents also agree to this. All students in primary school or below must be dropped off or collected by a parent/carer. We would prefer that even teenage students are collected by a parent when it is dark outside. 

Social Media

We have an active presence on both instagram and Facebook so that parents can see snips of the wonderful work we do in class, however if you are not comfortable with your child taking part in this - just let us know. 

WhatsApp group 

We have three WhatsApp groups for important announcements. If you'd like to be added, just let us know. 

Contacting Us

Hannah's MV number is 07506722177 - please keep in mind she is usually teaching and unable to take phone calls that haven't been scheduled. If you have a problem whilst your child is in or on the way to lesson, please text this number and she will see it. (If you call the music will stop and a room full of children miss out on their tuition time) 

Emergency Contact Info

Please ensure we have up to date emergency contact information for your child. If you change your number please let us know. 

Medical Information

Please ensure that upon registration we are aware of any medical needs your child may have. We will discuss their care plan ahead of them joining class. 


We are happy for students to bring phones to class for communications/filming their dance, but ask that they are on silent and left in bags for the duration of class. We cannot accept responsibility for any valuables brought into class - but so far haven't experienced any thefts at MV. 

Thanks for reading!

If you have any other questions about MV - Just let us know!

Thinking about joining us?

Please fill out the form below if you'd like to join MV but you need help selecting the best class for your child. To go straight to our trial booking page because you have an idea of the class they'd like to do, just click here

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