Looking back on our Autumn Term

We welcomed the wonderful Steven and Abi to our team in September and I've loved working with both of them. They have each contributed to our positive, supportive and ambitious environment. I'd like to thank them for a super first term and I look forward to them continuing to work for team MV!

I must mention our first two competitions and our wonderful success! I'm so proud of the girls for their numerous wins and medals, both in Essex and Milton Keynes.

Our first Pantomime - Aladdin, was a success to be proud of! Every pupil took on a speaking or singing role and I'm so proud of their teamwork to create an entertaining show. If they continue to improve at this rate - we will be moving to the West End in no time at all!

The Christmas Concert included many of our MV pupils, who came together to entertain the audience with their festive dancing and singing. We also had some lovely guest singers who are trained professionals - but also do 'normal' jobs like Charlotte who is a Lawyer (we were due to have a Doctor take part too - but he was called into work!) Proof that Performing doesn't always have to turn into a full time career, but can still be a lifelong enriching hobby for pupils in the future.

The Nutcracker Workshop was a Christmas performance to be proud of! The pupils put on a short version of the Nutcracker complete with costumes and props in just a day and a bit. We had the super Charlie come in to be our Nutcracker and it was lovely to see Chiara and Libby who Danced as our sugarplum faeries! Serena's name was pulled out of the hat to play the role of Clara and she did a fantastic job, never putting a foot wrong despite learning everything so quickly!

A huge thank you for my gorgeous flowers, emails, cards and gifts this Christmas. I love what I do and I feel lucky every single day to have my dream job! To read words of appreciation from pupils and parents is the icing on the cake. Thank you so much for a wonderful term. Roll on 2018!

Hannah x

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